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JADICT is a creative portfolio of JAPANESE CREATORS.
We are going to introduce you various kinds of beautiful works by JAPANESE CREATORS, especially fashion photos.
These are not commercial work though, all creators have been working professionally in their own field.
We really appreciate your responses to the works by Twitting or leaving comments.
Of course, feel free to contact us if you want to know about creators more.


Contemporary friendship

Photographer / Cana Kobayashi
Stylist / Hitomi Shidooka
Hair&Make-up / Ayaka Tanigawa
Model / Fuyuna Asakura & Haruka Ikemoto


Something like blue water #3

Photographer / Masumi Ishida
Model / Sakurako Konishi


pink affection

Photographer / Miki Takahira
Hair & Make-up / Harumi Ikenaga
Model / Mariko

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